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What matters is

just a conversation away.

Communication training that makes a difference.


Get to What Matters provides tools to navigate your conversations toward a desired destination. Instead of anxiety and uncertainly in a difficult interaction, you can feel in control—with a toolbox of options to dig deeper into what people mean and want.


The resulting sense of calm and control changes the dynamic, reduces the stress we often feel during tense exchanges and assures a productive way forward. 

Regardless of the situation—a disappointed client, an upset colleague, or a demanding boss—these tools can guide you both to a positive outcome.  Peppered with case studies, research, and decades of practical application, Get to What Matters offers you listening tools, a spectrum of powerful questions and further tips to enhance the journey.

Make the most of your next important conversation.

“A must read for anyone interested in improving skills for life! Thank you for sharing the wisdom that will make a difference in relationships."  Amazon Review

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