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What matters is

just a conversation away

Wondering what to give your favorite co-workers or clients this year?  How about a meaningful conversation?

It’s a busy few weeks leading into and celebrating through the holidays. For professionals, it can be even crazier. Year-end obligations collide with family commi...

You get an unexpected request from your client, something out-of-the-blue. Besides being surprised, you wonder if it makes sense or can even be accomplished.  Perhaps something like (real examples):   

“Our company needs a mobile app, can you look into it?”


Time is a precious commodity. Over 50% of workers report more stress from lack of time than lack of money.  And, when we feel behind, it’s natural to want to save time. Tactics like looking busy (not glancing up from the computer screen) or rushing someone to get to th...

Authentic paraphrases give power to important conversations.  

One study found that of nine non-verbal actions (such as eye contact, nodding, body language) and four verbal actions (such as paraphrasing and asking open questions) paraphrasing had the strongest effect on...

In business, time has become our most precious resource. We’re in a hurry. We focus our meetings on getting to the point or reaching a decision. Efficiency is important, but a rushed answer is rarely a quality answer.

Consider this. Imagine being asked: What are the mos...

Everyone loves to share what they know—especially about their favorite topics or things they’re good at.  I know I do.  Ask me about the Colorado mountains and I can’t resist telling you more than you ever wanted to hear (Apologies to those whose conversations I have k...

How often do we guess what our clients (coworkers, bosses) want? 

Not long ago, I was in a meeting where the leader asked his team to provide more information about two product options. They—being willing, smart employees—said “Sure!” and jumped to action.

After two week...

Remember as a kid when you first heard pig-Latin?  You knew the other kids understood each other, but until you figured out the rules, you stayed in the dark.

Usinesses-bay ave-hay imilar-say allenges-chay.

From acronyms to cultural norms to hierarchies, each work settin...

When brainstorming titles for our book, we semi-jokingly considered calling it Shut up!  (Or a version of that with expletives). While it wasn’t a serious title contender, the message was and still is essential.

When time-starved, it’s natural to want to move things alo...

One of the tools in Get to What Matters is the frame.  It’s a way to prepare the other person’s brain to respond to your question thoughtfully. Like having a ball tossed at you before you’re ready, an unexpected question often results in an awkward or incomplete respon...

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