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“I don’t have time to listen. My clients need action, and answers.”

We can all relate to this statement a consultant said to me recently.  It’s a sign of our technologically-enhanced, over-committed environment. By some estimates, business professionals face as many as...

Word choices matter, even simple ones.  I was reminded of this recently as I listened to a discussion among colleagues. It was after a less-than-satisfactory meeting. The director, Derrick, asked his employee, John: Why?

Specifically, he asked, why did you present the r...

September 11, 2017

At a certain point in one's career, it's natural to reflect on what has been accomplished and what, if anything, remains unfinished. Is there a new path yet to be taken?  In my case, the answer pointed me in a vastly different direction than I had traveled thus far....

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