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Seminars and presentations 

It may be a while before we can gather in person at conferences and seminars. 

However, Dr. Lynch will continue to do webinars and online training.

Contact us if you have interest.


Feedback from a conference organizer: 

Dr. Lynch falls in that category of rarified speakers who have the ability to explain complex concepts while at the same time light up a room. A combination of extraordinary instructor preparation with an uncommon presentation ability.

“Listening for What Matters” was a tour de force of insightful, relevant, fun and practical information and tools that will make any professional more effective when they return to work. 

past events

Seminars and presentations 

Workshop:                The Art and Value of Listening Well                     September 12, 2017

                                   HERO FORUM 2017. Phoenix, AZ

Seminar:                    Listening for What Matters                                   September 14, 2017

                                   HERO FORUM 2017. Phoenix, AZ


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